Ain’t No Mountain High Enough Pt 2.

Even after a few days, I was still learning from my experience at the Yellow Mountains.

20171006_104412.jpgMy back did adjust to the backpack while I was hiking, but the next few days my shoulders were killing me! I’m not sure I could have put my bag on and walked another full day. Of course, I was not using a real hiking pack that partially supports the weight on the hips, only a school backpack that rests all the weight on the shoulders.

Thankfully, my thighs didn’t hurt at all the next day or the next week, neither did my calves. However, my knees hurt for a few days after the hike. I’ll need to work on that.

Doing long hikes with a heavy pack will be the best way to get used to the feeling and to break in my equipment. Hopefully, it will also help my knees become adjusted to the stress of the extra weight, and if not, then I’ll at least be able to describe to a doctor what and where the pain is 🙂

Mainly, hiking Huangshan was beneficial because it made me aware of different things I need to work on, especially after monitoring how I felt for the next few days after hiking.


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