It’s not a walk in the park

Although I am excited to hike the AT, there are things that I am concerned about. I think it is important to acknowledge the fears and concerns so I can be as mentally prepared as possible.

20171006_161057What will I do about a job once I finish? I might not have a job lined up for when I’m done hiking, which is scary. Another issue is whether I’ll be in good enough shape for the trail or not. I know I’ll get in better hiking shape as I go and will need to take care of my feet, especially in the beginning. An injury to my foot could bring a premature end to my trip.

There is also the possibility that I will be miserable hiking 2,200 miles mainly alone. Weather is unpredictable; it could be raining for two weeks straight with nothing dry that entire time. It might wear on me, but it’s all part of the experience, and hopefully, I’ll endure.

Ultimately, while I may not enjoy every moment of the trail, it’s a journey that I am not going to back down from, and I’ll take it one step at a time!


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