Ain’t No Mountain High Enough?

20171006_124442.jpgHuangshan (Yellow Mountains) is pretty high and might be high enough to keep me from getting to you. It’s a huge mountain range and I’m only human!

On my first all-day about 10-hour hike with a backpack, I went through a series of emotions. From excitement to questioning my life decisions.

Before the hike, I thought my biggest problem would be my back from carrying a backpack (although much lighter than for the AT). I was already planning out the blog post on how I need to walk around carrying a backpack with bricks in it to prepare my back. And then lo and behold I get used to it! After about 2 hours or so, I didn’t even feel the strain of the pack because my body adjusted. So there went that blog post idea.

And after that, it was pain-free! 20171006_122620

Yea right. All of the paths are stairs. My knee joints were ready to give up on me.

I might have to consider a knee brace.  I’ll probably visit a few doctors before I hike the Appalachian Trail such as my ankle surgeon and maybe a knee specialist (my sister has one of those,  I’ll see hers). Call me crazy, but I’d like to minimize any damage done to my body on this adventure!


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