Have I lost my mind?

Why would I ever want to put myself through the challenge of the Appalachian Trail? Give up my nice cozy bed and warm meals for months on a trail?

 20171009_174108I have always dreamed of doing something like hiking the Appalachian Trail and I finally realized that there is no “perfect” time to take the plunge. The summer after graduation provides a time for me to do it, so I plan to take advantage of that flexibility. I am under no illusion that I’ll love every mile or that I won’t question why I decided to do it. Despite those moments, overall, it will give me a chance to disconnect from society. I won’t be tied to my phone or hectic schedules, no sitting in traffic, listening to what this or that celebrity is doing. 

Hiking the AT is a unique opportunity to challenge my mental and physical strength and endurance. Never before have I needed to rely only on my own two feet to travel 2,190 miles with only the supplies I can carry in my pack. I also cannot imagine the peace of mind that comes from immersing yourself in nature. 

Huangshan (Yellow Mountains)

I may go days without seeing another person, or maybe I will hike for a week with new friends. The relationships built with other hikers will be formed on a shared experience that no one who has not hiked for weeks on end could imagine. It’s a challenge, but one I am looking forward to facing head on.



4 thoughts on “Have I lost my mind?

  1. Hey girl. Liz’s fro me HT here. Just read through a couple of your posts. Stay strong. Keep pushing through. There will be nights where you yearn for human contact but those will be the nights where you learn the most about yourself and what truly matters to you. Most importantly, listen to your body. Listen to nature. You’ll learn so much while you’re out there. Can’t wait to check in again.


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